This message was received several weeks ago:


“Genesis put in a smart meter without my permission. They refused to take it out so I went to Contact as Trust Power don’t do this area and I had no luck with Power-shop.   Contact replaced it with an Itron Ace 1000 which is a digital meter [which is not a “smart meter” – Ed]. I now have a padlock on the meter box.


The meter is literally a few feet from our heads in our bedroom and near our son’s bedroom head-board.


When we had the smart meter he started getting headaches and I did as well and I never get headaches.  I have also had cancer.




[Name withheld]


Website editor’s comments:  In later correspondence with this contributor, she told me that both her and her son’s headache resolved after the “smart meter” was removed.  The headaches had begun after the “smart meter” was installed.


The family did not receive any notification from Genesis that the “smart meter” was going to be installed, nor were they informed after it had been installed. [If you are a customer of Genesis or its subsidiary EnergyOnline, please see the important note below.]  The family did not realise that their analogue (electromechanical) meter had been replaced with a “smart meter” until mother and son started suffering from headaches, and the mother recalled having seen someone at the meter box  a few days prior.  When she went to the meter box she found that a “smart meter” had been installed.

Important note for Genesis and EnergyOnline customers

If you are a Genesis customer (or a customer of its subsidiary EnergyOnline) please note that the Terms and Conditions (see links below) for both these companies assume that you agree to the installation of a “smart meter”  and that you agree to do nothing to prevent the installation of a “smart meter”. The Terms and Conditions may be modified by an agreement in writing, so if you are a customer of either of these companies and are otherwise happy with the company’s service, and do not want a “smart meter” you may wish to consider writing to the company and negotiating an agreement that allows you to retain an existing electromechanical meter, such as by having it re-certified.

NB: If you try this approach, please email through the Contact form at this link to let us know whether or not it was successful for you.  Thank you.