I just wanted to inform you we are with Contact Energy and I have rung them and asked for them to remove our smart meter as it is situated on the other side of the wall of my daughter’s bedroom. They, without any resistance at all have said yes and are going to come and remove the communication part of the SM and turn it back into a non-smart meter at a cost of $120! I’m more than happy to pay this for peace of mind’s sake and I hope you can publicise this information promoting Contact Energy for doing this.

It would pay to note I have a EMF meter which detected pulses coming out the front of the meter and also through the wall at the back of the meter! With any luck more people will be inclined to join contact and make this request, the more people who do this the more awareness of SM might be made! Thank you so much for this website. It is only stumbling across this and reading how another member changed over with Contact that I got on the phone and had it all organised within > 5 minutes!

Thank you 🙂