The “smart meter” documentary Take Back Your Power (which won the 2013 Aware Guide Transformational Film of the Year Award) has now picked up a second major award:  the Indie Fest Annual Humanitarian Award.

Take Back Your Power follows filmmaker del Sol as he investigates the use of so-named “smart” meter technology, being deployed by utilities and governments to harvest data from within private homes and introduce new pricing schemes.  With compelling insight from whistleblowers, government agents, lawyers, environmentalists and doctors, the documentary “exposes corporate corruption and the erosion of human rights in the name of ‘going green’.”

The Indie Fest is a top-tier international awards competition designed to recognize independent creators of fresh, standout films, television programs, compelling documentaries and new media.  One film is selected each year for the Humanitarian Award based on its dedication to social justice, humanitarian causes, or environmental issues.

Director and producer del Sol spoke of the award helping to expand the reach of the controversial issue. “The subject matter affects everyone, and the conversation deserves to be squarely in the mainstream,” said del Sol. “Should individual rights take a back seat to the collective?  Should energy be an unaffordable privilege, instead of a basic affordable right?  And how can corrupt corporatized government systems be held accountable? These are some of the most profound questions of our time.”

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