Before she developed electrohypersensitivity (EHS) – also sometimes termed electrosensitivity or ES – Sarah Dacre ran a TV production company and employed seventy people. During her free time she enjoyed active hobbies such as tango dancing, skiing, hiking and working out at the gym.


However, her life changed in 1994 when she began to suffer from severe headaches, which she initially attributed to stress.  More symptoms followed and Sarah sought help from a variety of health professionals – but gradually became sicker and sicker…until she was finally diagnosed with EHS in 2004, thanks to her son and partner going online to try to find the cause of her chronic, and by this time, disabling, illness.


Sarah Dacre told her story to the British Daily Mail and you can read it at the link below.. The good news is that Sarah found a way to improve her health…the bad news is that she has had to leave her home in London…

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Website editor’s note:  Sarah Dacre became ill prior to the introduction of “smart meters” into the UK; however, “smart meters” may be a trigger for EHS in some people, leading the American Academy of Environmental Medicine to call for a moratorium on “smart meter” installations.

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Health professionals who would like information about the diagnosis and treatment of EHS may find the guidelines produced by the Austrian Medical Association to be useful.  They may be accessed at this link: