Spark plans to force customers from copper to wireless internet

With the Economic Development, Science and Innovation Select Committee considering legislation* that could phase out the copper landline infrastructure, an article in C0mputer World from 2016 bears consideration.

(*Please click HERE for details of the legislation and how to make a submission to help save NZ’s copper landline infrastructure.)

The link that shows that Spark plans to force people who are not considered to use “large” amounts of data from copper to wireless (and deprive these customers of a safe hardwired internet access option).

The copper network allows people have a safe, wired low cost internet connection as well as a safe corded home phone that will work even in a power blackout.

Wireless internet connections have the significant disadvantage that wireless modems and routers produce microwave radiation  which is considered to be a possible human carcinogen (Class 2B).

Also,  NZ’s “safety” standards for microwave radiation were largely developed by telecommunications industry personnel and there can be adverse health and biological effects at levels much lower than are allowed under the NZ standard.  (Please click HERE to read more about this issue and access information about potential  health effects from wireless technologies.)

To learn how to make a submission to save NZ’s copper landline infrastructure, please click HERE.

Making a submission can take as little as 5 minutes.



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