Nelson Lady Feeling A Lot Better After Smart Meter Modem Removed & Wifi Turned Off

Nelson Lady Feeling A Lot Better After Smart Meter Modem Removed & Wi-Fi Turned Off

Website editor’s note: The text below was contributed by a lady from Nelson.  It is adapted from an account she wrote on her experiences and share on Facebook.  The editor of has no financial interest in the products mentioned in this contribution. 

I didn’t think I was sensitive to radiofrequency radiation, but I started feeling really tired and fatigued not long after Contact, my electricity supplier, installed a smart meter on my home. I didn’t know they had until the night I arrived home and saw the lights flashing on it.

I had been feeling so irritated and grumpy from the moment I woke up until the moment I went to sleep, all day, every day for a few months now and it was getting worse. I had headaches more than I have ever done before and felt really exhausted, so much so that I couldn’t do much at all and this feeling was intensifying.

A friend suggested I watch this talk, which I dare others to watch: “Smart Meters” & EMR: The Health Crisis Of Our Time – Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. It made me realize that the fatigue and headaches I had been suffering from were probably attributable to all the radiofrequency radiation I was being exposed to, including from the wifi when I used my computer, and the smart meters at both my home and work.

I contacted Contact Energy and asked them to remove the smart meter.

Today Contact Energy removed my smart meter chip and modem for $120, so it is now a readable meter emitting no radiofrequency radiation. It was very interesting talking with the young electrician who removed the modem, as he told me of a conversation he had with an ex-US military man who said he would never get a smart meter, because they use that technology to get people out of buildings, as the people in them get sick and leave.

(Ed note: Some types of smart meter are capable of producing an amount of microwave radiation that may exceed the national standard if the meter were to transmit continuously, instead of intermittently.  Please see this post for details)

I talked with another friend who got me what is called a Nu-me pendant – I confess I didn’t really believe it would work, but was willing to try anything. Wearing it lifted my mood. It was quite amazing. By the time I got home from work I had more energy than I had had for a long time. I still feel good – back to my old self – the irritated feeling has gone, so has the fatigue – I have energy. You can contact her via her FB page here:

My house is also now Wi-fi free, as I have turned the Wi-fi off and am using an ethernet cord on my computer instead. Wi-fi emits radio frequency radiation also, as smart meters do. WiFi Radiation – Dangers of WiFi – See It Measured – How To Remediate WiFi Radiation.

It was such a subtle shift in my health that took place, that I didn’t notice at first – what got me, as it was so persistent and I couldn’t shake, was the feeling of irritation.  The meter was in for about 4 months.  The change in my health was so subtle and it built up until I felt in a manner of speaking, overloaded.

I don’t think I should have to pay the $120 for the modem’s removal and will look into this further, as I was not provided with informed consent prior to the installation of this so-called “smart” meter.


Ed note: In most cases of which I am aware, people who have needed to have the modem removed from a smart meter because they have become ill after its installation have unfortunately had to pay to have this done.


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Is wi-fi killing trees?

The interesting article at the link below describes a study of the health of trees in an urban area which detected signs of damage to foliage which was attributed to exposure to the microwave radiation produced by wi-fi routers.


This research, and the observation of increasing numbers of sick trees in urban environments in Europe since the proliferation of wireless technologies inevitably raises the question of whether this form of radiation is safe for other life forms such as humans.

By the way, has been sent photos of of a damaged plant that was growing near a smart meter in  NZ.  If you have noticed ill or dying vegetation around a smart meter, wi-fi router or other source of microwave radiation and would like to report it, you can send a message through the Contact Form.

You can see how the health of a shrub was dramatically affected by a bank of smart meters in the USA at this link:

On a related note, you can see a youtube of radiation from a smart meter being measured at the link below.  The vine growing close the the meter is dying back.

(The meter shown in the link above is not typical of the type used in NZ so the footage is probably not from NZ.)


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Expert environmental lawyer Sue Grey’s presentation on wi-fi in schools now online

Expert environmental lawyer Sue Grey’s presentation on wi-fi in schools is now online.


You can see her presentation at this link:

Thank you to Sue Grey and to everyone who helped with recording and editing her presentation so it could be made available online to people who could not attend the presentation.