Paul Waddell, who runs the business SafeSpace ( ) which assesses EMR pollution in homes and other environments (and gives advice on remediation)  gave a talk and demonstration  at the Green Living Show at 3 pm on Sunday June 30, 2013.

The talk covers many aspects of electropollution, including dirty electricity, and radiofrequency radiation from cellular and cordless phones and “smart meters”.

His talk was videoed by Vincent Eastwood from, and the talks may now be viewed by clicking on the links below:

Full video: EMF Radiation, The Silent Killer In Your Home, Paul Waddel NZ 

Just the presentation:  EMF Radiation Dangers Exposed! Paul Waddel NZ 30June2013

Just the Q&A: Some Good Questions About EMF Radiation, Paul Waddel NZ 30Jun

Short promo clip:  We Are Electric, Our Homes EMF Is Killing Us! Paul Waddel 30Ju