On Friday, August 16, having learned that the Waikato  District Council had an item relating to “smart” water meters on its agenda for an extraordinary meeting scheduled for August 19, I emailed the Mayor and Councillors to express concern about the potential adverse effects of “smart” water meters on human health, water quality, wildlife and people’s  privacy and home security and to ask that they do NOT pass any resolution in favour of adopting “smart” water metering technology.

(You can read background information about the item on the Council’s agenda (including its wording and background information on “smart” water meters in NZ) at this link https://stopsmartmeters.org.nz/uncategorized/urgent-smart-water-meter-alert-for-waikato-district-council-area/)

My reason for writing was that I thought it unlikely that the Mayor or Council members would have been provided with information relating to the potential risks posed by “smart” water meters to human health, wildlife or privacy by “smart” water meter proponents.

The letter that I wrote may be downloaded from the link below:

Letter to Waikato District Council v2.

The Council voted in favour of introducing water meters to Ngaruwahia, Huntly and Raglan and to continue to monitor “smart” water metering technology with a view to adopting it when it is considered “proven” and “cost effective”.  Please see this link for details: https://stopsmartmeters.org.nz/uncategorized/waikato-district-council-vote-on-water-meters-and-smart-water-meters/