Hi Katherine,


Got my meter changed today by Contact. After waiting a few weeks for Mercury to finally confirm that they wouldn’t do anything, we changed to Contact. On Friday I requested them to change the meter. They said they would come and remove the sim card. Today (Monday) a contractor came and actually changed the meter to another sort. It looks like an analog meter – has a square that they can point a reader at but I was assured it is nothing to do with a smart meter.


So we had a Metrix “smart” meter. The man today said it was the sort that sent radio waves, rather than using cell phone technology. It sent radio messages to the next similar meter which then transfers it on etc.


It has been replaced with a ISKRA Metrix meter Class 2 with an analogue display. It’s a second hand model – they reuse the meter they took away. He said it is registered for use for the next 15 years. The man said it wasn’t really an analogue meter – I’m not sure what’s different about it.


Anyway, I’m happy.


My daughter also had the sim card removed from her meter the other week. She wasn’t home at the time when it was done. She has since found out that her neighbour’s meter is still a “smart meter” and it is also in the same meter box which is on her child’s bedroom wall so she is not happy about that.


So I’d  encourage people to try Contact. It seems like the different companies all use different meters which are incompatible with each other. Contact was the only company that was friendly about the change – they charge about $125 for the change but it was worth it. The man was here for about 1/2 hour and I did get another meter. And he explained what the different meters do.


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