Editor’s note:  The following email was contributed by a site visitor who was suffering from chronic headaches and was concerned that these could be linked to the “smart meter” at his house.  Consequently he engaged Paul Waddell from www.safespace.net.nz to test his home for EMR.  The result was that the most likely cause of his headaches was identified as the Wi-Fi router in  his bedroom – and other sources of electropollution in his home were identified as well.


Hi Katherine,

What a learning curve from Paul, my computer modem was dishing out 20,000 microwatts per square metre in my bedroom!

Since I connect to the modem by cable, he showed me how to disconnect the Wi-FI part of the router. A microwave oven is 8,000  microwatts per square metre.

Also, the office downstairs was being radiated 24/7 by the portable telephone at 20,000 microwatts per square metre!  This was a big shock its twice the level of an iphone , luckily these things drop dramatically every few feet from source.  However, the lounge above the office was being radiated through the ceiling, so that has been thrown out and a land line installed.

The “smart meter” [on the wall of his home] luckily is only pulsing every 6 hours. I know some are pulsing more regularly depending on their location. Some have to pulse to other meters in the neighbourhood and then pass it to the cell phone tower; those are more dangerous than mine.  The “smart meter”  was measured as pulsing at 3,750 microwatts per square metre. [See note below – Ed]  The electricity company is avoiding my calls as they know I want the meter removed… I’m lucky as my meter is not one of the ones that pulse more frequently, a small relief for me, but this can be deadly for children.  (In the case of the Te Horo school boy who died from a brain tumour recently his father discovered after the lad’s diagnosis that he had been sleeping with his iphone under his pillow.) Paul showed they [iphones] pulse at 10,000 microwatts per square metre when they ring or receive a txt but having it near your head for hour on end can be very unhealthy.  Now I’m educated about the levels of radiation I can make changes to avoid long term exposure, and my headaches have now gone. 


Editor’s comment:  The measurement of 3,750 microwatts per square metre was not taken directly at the “smart meter” but about ten metres away from the “smart meter”. (The reasons for this was that it wasn’t possible to set up the equipment at a secure location closer to the “smart meter”. )  As the interior of the wall onto which the “smart meter” was installed has had aluminium foil put up to reflect the radiation away out of the house, the reading inside the home could well have been higher had this precaution not been taken.

This contributor’s experience also shows the importance of identifying other sources of  potentially harmful EMR in a home.  Exposure to the pulsed microwave radiation from Wi-Fi can cause unpleasant symptoms for some people, such as the contributor above.  Cordless phones and their bases can produce high levels of EMR and in fact one study found that people who had  begun to use cordless phones as a child or or teenager had almost four times the brain tumour risk of people who did not use cordless phones until they were 20.  (Starting cell phone use as a child or teenager was associated with five times greater risk of brain tumours than people who did not use cell phones until they were 20 years old. See:  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/8606104/Mobile-phones-cause-five-fold-increase-in-brain-cancer-risk.html)