Site coordinator’s note:  The report  below details the symptoms developed after a “smart meter” installation in a NZ home.


“My effects since the smart meter was installed in June 2011:
1.   Since having the meter installed I often lay awake for several (2 – 4) hours at a time trying to get to sleep; my insomnia is much worse and when I do sleep it is very broken – often waking up to 6 -10 times a night.

2.   Continual fatigue & lethargy – sometimes extreme; I cannot remember the last time I felt enthused or energetic or even ‘well.’ I have trouble completing even simple housework due to absolutely no motivation and will put off simple chores for weeks at a time due to lethargy.

3.   Burning and itching skin – I had this for years if I came in to close proximity of something with strong EMF’s. I originally noted it about 20 years ago on visiting a friend who ran a small pizza parlour. EVERY time I went there my forearms & wrists would burn and itch so badly that I would be unable to not scratch or rub them and I would end up drawing blood it would be so intense. I would have to go home and put them under cold running water for about 10 minutes. It took a few times before I realised it was the EMF’s from the Pizza ovens. This has only occurred intermittently up until I had the smart meter installed. Now it happens regularly – every day and when I get in to bed (my bedhead is about 3-4 metres from the meter) my arms and wrists now slightly burn and tingle continuously; the soles of my feet tingle, burn and itch – every night. It is mostly ok to tolerable, but always there and noticeable. On occasion my feet have become so unbearable I have had to get up and go outside in the middle of the night and rub my feet on the grass for up to 10 minutes to relieve the extreme discomfort. I don’t know how I knew to do this – it was just an instinctive thing I think – it seems to ‘ground’ my body somehow…

4.   Heart palpitations/fluttering’s and arrhythmia; never had this issue before but it has developed since the meter was installed. The doctor listened to my heart some time ago and said it sounded fine and did nothing further. I have ‘fluttering’ feelings in my heart and pulse almost every night now.

5.   Every night when I lay down I can hear my pulse in my ears and inside my head; its hard to describe but sounds like the blood ‘squelching’ through the veins in my upper neck – sorry about the description!! :)) Its not nice and also keeps me awake. I do worry about it as sometimes I feel or worry/wonder if I’m going to have a heart attack right there in my bed. This began after the meter was installed.

6.   Inability to concentrate and forgetfulness – sometimes I cannot remember something that should be second nature such as the name of a suburb or street that I frequent every day or even a friend’s name that I see often!! It is quite scary how this has developed so rapidly in the last 12+ months. Headaches, not intense but niggly and frequent. And no, I haven’t got Alzheimers.

7.   Depression; which I have suffered on and off for most of my adult life so I cannot directly attribute it to the meter but I have had much more of a ‘low’ mood and ‘unhappiness’ since the meter was installed.
8.   Soreness around the base of the back of my neck – as if my head is somehow too heavy!!

– Name supplied (but withheld for privacy reasons.)


NB:  Most people do not suffer from such severe symptoms after a “smart meter” installation;  many may have no apparent symptoms;  however the above description shows how badly “smart meters” can affect some people.  Even if your own health is not affected by a “smart meter” in your home, the “smart meter” may affect neighbours who may be more sensitive, especially if your homes are in close proximity.

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