The British Daily Telegraph has reported that British children will be the subject of an experiment in which a special app will be loaded into their mobile phone to record the duration of calls, texts and internet use.

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NB:  Research into the use of cordless home phones and mobile phones by NZ childrenby Dr. Mary Redmayne has shown that many young NZers are making such frequent use of these devices  that they are at risk of developing a brain tumour later in life. 

See this study for details:

Special notes to parents:

One of the best things parents can do to reduce the risks to their chilldren from cordless and mobile phone exposure is to make sure the home phone is the variety that has a cord (NOT a cordless phone – as cordless phones have similar risks to cell phones.)  It is also important to give careful thought to whether or not a child should have a cell phone – and to enforce sensible rules (such as that cell phones go in a basket in the hall at night and are not kept in bedrooms) if it is considered necessary for a child or teenager to have a cell phone available.

For the latest news on cell phones and brain tumours see this link