Late in 2013, I received the following email:

Hi Katherine,


A friend suggested I email you as I am having problems with getting Genesis to remove my “not” Smart Meter.


I have had it installed for two or three years and have experienced significant behavioural issues with my son and since talking to my friend several weeks ago I just clicked that there is probably a connection here to this meter being on the same wall that his bed is on!

I contacted Genesis and asked when they could remove it and they said they can’t.


I have replied that I have checked, and they can – so when will they do this as I want it removed asap.


What more can I do to expedite this?


I have also phoned TrustPower to see about connecting with them but they said they are very black and white on this issue that they are not able to remove a “smart meter” that does not belong to them. This has to be done by the company that it belongs to.  They were helpful and said they don’t actually own many themselves because of all the “issues” with them. I said good – don’t!


I realise you are busy. Look forward to hearing from you when you have time.


Thanks heaps,


[Name withheld]



Site editor’s note:  After writing this email, this mother persisted in phoning Genesis until she reached an employee who took her concerns seriously and arranged for the “smart meter” to be removed. (Before she reached a helpful employee she had to put up with some disrespectful treatment from another staff member.)

In her own words, it was this mother’s persistence and refusal to take “no” for an answer that resulted in the removal of the “smart meter”:


“I got the meter removed with lots of hassling – or maybe it was harassing – they would have got sick of my phone calls!  They tried to deter me as a last resort by saying ” we have to let you know that there may be a charge in the future for a meter reader…….” I just said fine – money cost is nothing compared to a health cost.”


She offers this advice for other people who want to get rid of a “smart meter”:


“So be PERSISTENT and don’t be bullied into giving the “specific health problems” that were asked for the first few times I rang. I said it was irrelevant and not his concern – I just wanted to know WHEN it could be removed not IF. Also, do not accept the concession to just remove the modem – insist on the entire meter going. (I can’t remember but I think the meter is still doing something even if the chip or modem is out?)

[Ed note: Replacement of a “smart meter”  with a non-smart meter also protects your privacy; see this link: ]


“And also, do not threaten to, or change power suppliers. If you do then you are really stuck with the smart meter as Genesis or whoever owns it is not going to come and take it out for you (at least not for free) if you are another company’s customer.”

Concluding comments from website editor: This is one of the very few cases of which I am aware in which Genesis has removed a “smart meter”.  In general Genesis has been one of the worst companies in terms of rolling out “smart meters”, and it has been reported to me that in some cases the company has not informed customers in advance that their analogue (electromechanical) meter would be replaced with a “smart meter”.

If you are a Genesis customer (or a customer of its subsidiary EnergyOnline) please note that the Terms and Conditions (see links below) for both these companies assume that you agree to the installation of a “smart meter”  and that you agree to do nothing to prevent the installation of a “smart meter”. The Terms and Conditions may be modified by an agreement in writing, so if you are with either of these companies and are otherwise happy with the company’s service, and do not want a “smart meter” you may wish to consider writing to the company and negotiating an agreement that allows you to retain an existing electromechanical meter, such as by having it recertified.

NB: If you try this approach, please email through the Contact form at this link to let us know whether or not it was successful for you.  Thank you.