In mid-August 2014 I found out that the Waikato District Council was planning to vote on adopting water meters in Huntly, Ngaruwahia and Raglan and that the Council also would also vote on whether to  continue to monitor smart water meters in NZ “with a view to implement when the technology when it becomes cost effective and proven in NZ.”

I subsequently wrote to the Council to inform the Mayor and Councillors about the potential health risks from wireless “smart” water meters, and encouraged other people to write as well.

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Unfortunately, the Council voted in favour of the resolution, as you can see from the document below.  Two Councillors did not support the motion. (Click on the image to make it bigger.)

NB: If you live in the Waikato District Council area and are concerned about this issue, please contact me through this link:


Waikato District Council decision on water meters